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Apr 16, 2019

Schwarzenegger’s test may have been deadly, and the dance move may be anathema, but the only limit in this episode of Grab Some Friends is you! Will you break though the wall or be left in the dust in another episode of the play-along trivia game for you and your friends?

In celebration of our host, Dan Cantu, having completed his first Boston Marathon, we run you through the trials of track and the races of runners!

Grab Some Friends is produced by Somnigram!

Hosts: Dan Cantu (@dan_cantu), Tatiana Cantu (@tatianacan2)

Producer/Director: Seth Thygesen (@SethDontTweet)

Writers: Dan Cantu, Tatiana Cantu, Seth Thygesen

Contestants: You!

Get the official Grab Some Friends scorecard now!

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