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Feb 19, 2019

It’s time for more Grab Some Friends!, the play-along trivia game for you and your friends! You can also test yourself and hone your trivia skills to someday win all that sweet trivia money! (Say “hi” to us if you get on TV!)

In this week’s game, we make the episode ourselves. Who needs producers? Not us! You'll have to join us to find out if we're able to make it on our own.

Grab Some Friends is produced by Somnigram!

Hosts: Dan Cantu (@dan_cantu), Tatiana Cantu (@tatianacan2)

Producer/Director: Seth Thygesen (@SethDontTweet)

Writers: Dan Cantu, Tatiana Cantu, Seth Thygesen

Contestants: You!


Get the official Grab Some Friends scorecard now!


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